Do you love the hilarious pictures, gifs, memes and videos of epic fails spreading virally? Are you spending hours in scrolling these funny pages and linking your best friends on the most entertaining ones?


Well, our NEW EPIC-F community is all about that. Here at EPIC-F we passionately believe in connecting people, just like you and your best friends, via the blockchain. EPIC-F is creating a viral decentralized community for everyone to share their best epic fail pictures, gifs, videos and memes with your favourite friends.


Get ready to get connected and join our fantastic interactive EPIC-F community on Telegram and Twitter.



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             WHAT IS AN EPIC FAIL?

EPIC FAIL is a term of the internet scene and deals with embarrassing and failing human behaviour. Pictures, memes and videos of epic fails are rapidly spread through viral effects for humorous purposes from person to person.


Epic fail pictures, memes and videos are dealing with human behaviour in a sarcastic way. Our EPIC-F project takes up the best memes, pictures and videos about epic fails and connects them with the blockchain and the whole crypto world. 


Our community will share the best epic fail videos on the internet and reward its members with free epic-f tokens for sharing their favourite fails.

                      HOW DOES IT WORK?

Understanding the EPIC-F Community is super easy. One can say It's easy like abc. Okay here we go: If you create or find a hilarious epic fail video, GIF or meme on the internet you just have to share it on our social media channels. If we like your submission we will reward you with free epic-f tokens directly INto your wallet.  The best submissions will receive the highest airdrops. 


in addition to that ALL community members can reward their favourite fails and support each submission with an amount of tokens they like. If you don't like a submission just keep your tokens in your wallet and wait for the next one.


Easy, isn't it? so Get ready and share you favourite fails! Our EPIC-F community is waitin'...

                            OUR TEAM

MR. MIME "EPIC Leader", FAILING CEO  of the epic-f community                             

Like a phantom Mr. Mime is sometimes here and sometimes there. He can spend a night in New York and ON the next DAY, he has a business meeting in China. Even if he seems to be an important person, nobody can tell you what he is actually doing. But rumours tell that he is a little bit clumsy and that’s why he loves the epic fail videos, memes and gifs and founded the Epic-F community. 


CURTIS "POWER MOVE" ROGAN, Failing legal advisor

His top quality is that he is particularly educated. Moreover, his parents got a lot of money, so he became a reputable lawyer some years ago. After his “power move” of pushing a cute donkey under a bus, he failed as a lawyer. Now he is just legal advisor in our hilarious Epic-F community.


Before Dick got deputy director of the Epic-F community, he was a notorious rapper. Unfortunately, the fame has gone his head and HE spent every single dollar for fast cars, girls and bitcoin. After he had a mental breakdown followed by an identity crisis, his half-brother Mr. Mime told him about Epic-F and helped him out with a job.                              



Randy was an insurance business manager, before he heard something about the Epic-F community. He looks like a brave economics student, but he is sharp. After his business fails were revealed, the customer service job in the Epic-F community was the only opportunity remaining.


Let’s be honest. Dolph not even has one “top dollar” going spare at the end of the month. He is completely failing in doing his own finances. Or in financial terms: he is a total malinvestment. Therefore, he is competent, if not even overqualified to be our financial advisor.                                                                                                                                                         



Joe is a snobby manufacturer who finds it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. Physically, he is built like a house. After he got broke and did a job as a doorman to stay afloat, he decides to do anything with media. But he is also failing as a social media director because he can’t control his emotions and he swears everyone online.


Anderson Laserbolt, FAILING programmer

Do you really think somebody was named Laserbolt? Come on! Anderson is just a total computer nerd and of course a “Star Wars” fan. That’s why he decided to add “Laser” to his last name. Even if this sounds extremely weird, he is the one who is failing at least in his job as a programmer.                                                                                                                                     


BLAST CHUNKHEAD Junior, FAILing in everything            

An embarrassing prank a sibling played Blast Chunckhead lead to long-term distrust. After he had a hard time during school, the life literally kicked his ass after his graduation. He couldn’t find any job and so Mr. Mime kindly decides to employ him as “the man for everything". Obviously he f*cks up on daily basis.


EPIC-F is a standard ERC-20 token, which makes optimal use of the Ethereum network. The Ethereum blockchain enables fast and easy peer-to-peer transactions as well as secured and anonymous ownership.


EPIC-F is absolutely for FREE! EPIC-F tokens will only be distributed via several airdrop rounds to our active community. Our most active members will receive the biggest token shares. There will be no ICO and no token sale. The best way to ensure that you do not miss any airdrop is to follow us on our social media channels.


There you go! Do not lose time and join our fun community! Create hilarious epic fail pictures, memes and videos, share our community with your friends and get rewarded with tons of FREE EPIC-F tokens!



CONTRACT: 0x0AD2EB1881580D9D9Ae0FF983B91D61A5EA12f9c

The total supply of EPIC tokens is 15,719,738,901.00 EPIC.

             Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

IS there an ICO or a token sale?


No, there is NO initial coin offering (ico), NO PUBLIC SALE and NO private sale. The EPIC-F community is for everyone. Therefore, all tokens will be distributed to our fantastic community via several airdrops for FREE!


how many epic-f tokens can i get per airdrop?

the most active and creative members of our community will receive the highest rewards.  So, what are you waiting for? create hilarious memes, gifs or videos of epic fails and share it with our community. we can't wait to reward your amazing submissions.



You can find the epic-f contract address here. the total supply of epic token is 15,719,738,901.00 EPIC.                                                                                                          




Did you really think Dolph “Top Dollar” Lee or Randy Mcfizzlebeef were “real” names? Come on. Of course, our hilarious Epic-F community is all about fun and satire just like epic fails. So, start and create epic memes, gifs and videos to make us all laugh about the most epic fails in history.


How do i know if there is an air-drop running?

Make sure to join all our social media channels for detailed information about the latest ongoing airdrops.                                                          



What can i do if i am not creative enough? 

So, you are failing in creating memes, gifs or videos of epic fails? Don’t worry… You are exactly right in our community. Just search the internet for the best epic fails. Hilarious fails can be found everywhere.

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